Program Requirements


International Relations Graduate Program Requirements


Summary of Degree Requirements

Course Category                  Min. Credit                   Min. Course

Term Project                                3                                      1

Required Courses                       9                                       3

Area Electives                            21                                      7

Total                                          30                                     11


Term Project

Course Code                      Course Name                       Credit

IR 597                                   Term Project                             0      


Required Courses

All courses are required.

Course Code                  Course Code                              Credit

CONF 512                  Research Methods                               3

POLS 540                   International Relations Theory             3

POLS 555                   Turkish Foreign Policy                         3


Area Elective Courses 

At least 21 credits from the pool. All courses have 3 credits.

Course Code                      Course Name                                                                                                                             

CONF 501        Introduction to Conflict Analysis and Resolution                                                                                            

CONF 502        Correlates of War and Peace                                                                                                                   

CONF 504        Foreign Policy and Conflict Resolution                                                                                                     

ES 504             Energy Politics                                                                                                                                 

HIST 593          Caucasus and its Hinterland: Clans, Ethnicities and Nations in Imperial Borderlands  

HIST 597          Nations and Boundaries in the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus                                                                       

IR 501              Globalization and International Relations                                                                                                   

IR 510              International Security                                                                                                                           

IR 530              American Politics and Government                                                                                                   

IR 535              Russian Politics and Foreign Policy                                                                                                              

IR 537              Central Asia and Caucasus in International Perspective                                                                

IR 592              Foreign Policy Analysis                                                                                                                              

LAW 511          International Law                                                                                                                              

POLS 541         International Organizations

POLS 543         International Negotiation

POLS 549         Middle Eastern Politics and Government

POLS 550         Turkish Politics

POLS 563         Political Violence in the Post-Cold War Era

POLS 580         Political Economy

POLS 583         Ethnicity and Nationalism

POLS 592         European Union: Politics, Policies and Governance

POLS 640         Seminar in International Relations


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