The M.A. Program in International Relations is an interdisciplinary program designed to improve understanding of theoretical debates and practical applications of this discipline. It aims to link theory and practice with a focus on approaches, methodologies and policy practices in international relations.
For this purpose, the program encourages and promotes:

•    Analyses of planning and practice of international politics in Turkey and the world.
•    Analyses of regional, inter-governmental and international organisations to understand their development and functions.
•    Analyses of bureaucratic structure, policy making processes, agent-structure relations and interaction of domestic actors and foregin policy in international relations.
•    Discovery of roots, debates and new discussions on the theory of international relations.

Career Perspective

Graduates of the M.A. Program in International Relations would seek jobs at;

•    Foreign Policy Bureucracy: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Development Agencies, Foreign Relations Offices of State Institutions.
•    International Organizations: A wider range of international organizations ranging from United Nations to World Health Organization.
•    International NGOS: Humanitarian NGOs, Peacebuilding Organizations and Charity Organizations.
•    Multinational Companies.
•    Private Companies and Banks: Any private company or bank which deals with foreign investment, business abroad and joint-ventures at home country.
•    Academic Career: Ph.D. and further study in the discipline of International Relations.